Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kiss Me Hello...

They knew that she still had to leave. And on her last day and night, they stayed "home".

They talked and talked until they ran out of words to take their minds off of what was eminent. They cook and ate together... took a stroll along the beach... drank coffee on the terrace while they watched the sunset as they held each other's hand. They talked but mostly felt contented by just looking and smiling at one another and just be together.


She couldn't bear the thought of him watching her leave and of her seeing herself leaving him. But she must be strong for him as how he's trying to be strong for her.

He was sleeping peacefully...and as she watched him with all her heart, tears came running down her face. For she now succumbed to what had been the truth all along...even for a very short time, after all her denials...after battling with her pride...after trying to be so rational for so long...she couldn't stay away from that truth...she knew she already loved and loves him before she even met him and being with him made it stronger.

As she finally surrendered, she then moved closer to him and felt him held her of the moments she will truly miss and long for.

She raised her head a little in way that she could whisper on his ear what she had been wanting to say all long...


He tried hard to sleep since he knows she won't sleep if he won't...and when he felt he was about to, he felt her moved closer...he pretended to be sleeping but held her tighter and pulled her even closer...and when he thought that nothing more was coming...she felt her move again and felt her cheek on his cheek...felt her lips on his ear...and he was on the edge...thrilled beyond compare...

He was up for anything she was up to...and when he couldn't wait any longer he felt her breathed so deep...and emotions flooded him as he heard the words he longed to hear...spoken so delicately. But...came his frustrations...

The happiness he felt was indescribable...but he also knew what it took her to say it...being a lady, he knew it wasn't easy for her...and being a gentleman, he knew defeated by cetera, despite how hard it was, he kept his eyes shut. And as he felt her head back to his arm, he moved even closer to her, almost crashing her to him...


Finally she said wasn't easy but definitely wasn't hard as well...

When she felt him almost crashing her with his arms...thinking that she may have woke him up...she instantly closed her eyes and slowly fell asleep...not knowing that he was just waiting for it...


He waited so patiently for her to fall asleep...and when he knew and felt that she was, he opened his eyes and watch her sleep...

He knew he loved her before he even "actually" met her...but he was all the while reluctant to let her know thinking that he might scare her away...and that is one risk he couldn't dare he took his time...

That's why, he was very happy to know that she feels the same way but at the same time, he got very frustrated because again...a gentleman should take that step first...and not being able to respond to her and let her know what he truly feels was absolutely even beyond frustration...and he didn't intend to say it in her sleep...and so he waited.


She woke up without him by her side...she had gotten really used to it now that it's what she hoped for before sleeping and upon waking up...but no, it wasn't going to happen on the day of her departure...she felt like crying but got a hold of herself and quickly scanned the room...but no sign of him at all...

She was about to get out of bed when she heard footsteps...and patiently waited for him...and when she thought she wouldn't be surprised, she was wrong...on the doorway, he stood with a tray of food in one hand and a basket of flowers on the other. Probably for some it would be a common thing but not for her...again, one of her firsts was done by him and with him...

He was smiling as he said, "Breakfast in bed my lady..."

She was she just smiled and showed him how happy she made him feel.

As they finished eating...came the harsh reality...she must prepare to leave. But neither showed sadness...they acted like they used to since she came. She took a bath while he went down to clean the dishes and stayed there until she went down all prepped up.

Seeing her going down wearing that same dress she wore when she arrived, all he can think of was to take her away with him where no rules, no law, no restrictions that could ever separate them like this.

She his pain and he saw her. He met her on the last step and kissed her passionately. And they kissed until they were out of breath. They could go on kissing but as they heard the bell rang, it was time for her to go.

She somehow convinced him that she doesn't like the idea of him driving her to the airport and watch her leave...he was against it but he understood. And so the agreed that she would take a cab.

Just when she thought that there would be no he opened the door, she saw a familiar man...and her jaw dropped...she never thought that he would hire the same cab driver. And she laughed so hard as she came to hug him and said, "How thoughtful of you..."

Seeing her reactions, he was relieved that it's not gonna be a sad departure on her part somehow...and teasingly said,"...and by the way dear, he's already paid so it's okay to forget again..." And all of them laughed.

They watched the driver took her luggage as they continued to hug and kiss...neither wanted to let go...but she had to...she carefully moved away, took his hand and slowly walked to the waiting cab...and before he opened the door for her...she turned to face him with teary eyes and said, " this is it..." and gave him a quick kiss.

But before she could get in and hide her tears...he caught her...held her face in both hands...wiped her tears...and spoke softly..." Tell me you'll wait for me."

Couldn't speak so she nodded.

He was tempted to say "the words" he'd been dying to tell her...but he knew it wasn't the time yet...and with all courage he could muster, he decided to once again, wait.


Although she already saw it in his eyes and for sure he saw the same in hers, she didn't want to hear it especially now that she's leaving...she felt it, she saw it...its more than enough...if waiting must be done, waiting she will do.


She already was out of sight... "For now", he thought deeply...

And as he walked back to his house...he felt loneliness...but not the same loneliness he used to feel...and the emptiness he used to feel before is no longer felt...for he now is filled with hope.


He went up back to the room they shared...bringing back memories...he never thought that he could be this melodramatic...and as he went through the things she had touched...he saw the a paper on top the dresser...certain that it was from her, he took it and rushed to sit and started reading...

To his surprise...the letter dated a day before she arrived...and he got more intrigued...



With a content heart...he smiled as he carefully folded the letter...walked to open one of the drawers where he had hidden the only way to get her back. "Until I kiss you hello..."

A Date To Remember: The Sweetest Morning Kiss

For a very short time, they got accustomed to such closeness, to such togetherness…like they have been doing it for years. So, as the sun rose, it was sort of harsh reality that it had to end…for a while. They were hesitant to let go of one another, but knowing how a “gentleman” he is, she knew that she has to let go first. With a deep sigh, she did. He heard her of course, but he teased no more as he was having same feelings.

Even though she yearned more of that “closeness”, it was still very new to her. So, upon pulling herself away from him, she quickly jumped out of bed, put her robe on and skipped like a child to the open window. The smell of Morning Ocean greeted her, she liked it that much that it made her close her eyes to fully savor everything: scent, sound, breeze.

All through-out her “child-like” behavior, he watched her carefully…followed her every move. And since they’re… surprisingly and unbelievably connected… she felt his watchful eyes. Slowly and a bit nervous yet giggly, she glanced over her shoulder… and there goes the staring part of romance.

Since she never won in staring games, she started walking to him as slowly as she could. Through their eyes, they teased one another again. She had to control herself from jumping on him and be close again because she knew that he was expecting it. So, she stopped the moment her knees bumped to the sides of the bed…with hands on both sides of her waist, smiling oh so teasingly. He raised a brow with sheepish smile, like questioning at the same time challenging her to move further...and so she gave same smile. But she didn’t wait for him to react, she hurriedly said, “I believe you have an important morning routine. Are you not late for it, sir?”

He gave a boyish smile as he responded, “Indeed I have my lady. But a delightful being got me really occupied that I could not think of anything else. And I don’t intend to miss anything she does.”

As always, smooth with his words but she had herself prepared and said, “Very well then, that delightful being should stop doing anything then, so that you, sir, can go on…your duties awaits.”

Laughing out loud first then turned serious as he quickly rose from bed just to dwarf her with his towering height despite of her being on her toes now. He looked down on her, eyes to eyes, held her face with both hands, and said, "Silly you, I rather miss some duties you said I have than miss this..." and he bent  down to kiss her.

A Date To Remember: In Your Arms

She expected him to raise an eyebrow for her rather quirky yet teasing response, but he didn’t. Instead, he burst into a roaring laughter…and he laughed till his tummy ached.

She was actually hoping that he would react such a way…so it was such a relief for her that he did. Well, she’s lucky indeed to have a man who is somehow at ease and adept to teasing…and who is in fact very smart to read between lines…she thought.

“Pretty one?” he repeated the words and continued to laugh even harder…as if he still can’t believe what he just heard.

At first, she was laughing faintly with him but upon repeating her words…she felt really annoyed. This time, she felt that he is now laughter at her. Her silence made him realized.

She looked hurt. He was tempted to laugh more because she looked so silly as she tried to show him that she’s annoyed…but he knew better. So, he pulled her closer to him… as close as they could possibly be… burying her face to his chest, to his heart as he softly kissed/smelled her hair/top of her head. And as he felt her move even closer to him, he said, “Silly you, why call me pretty one when I thought between us, the pretty one is you?”

Of course, she has no response to that except to accept defeat by embracing him tighter. Besides, she just attempted to counteract the “beautiful” in his morning greeting…thinking that he was probably teasing how she really looked like.

With that, they stayed in each other’s arm for what seem like eternity until the rising of the sun brought them back to reality.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Date To Remember: The Awakening

She said, "Stay.."

And so willingly, he did.

And they drifted to the realms of endless possibilities, peacefully...with her head on his arm and another arm wrapped around her claiming her.

Early morn...

She was awakened with some movements...felt something was moving...then it hit her, "someone" was moving. That special someone for whom she flew miles for.

It's her first time to be waking up with someone in bed beside her...well after she was done sleeping/sharing room with her sisters...but this is not just's a's something she needs getting used to, for sure...but at that moment, her mind was in chaos, battling over thoughts and say, contingency plans? (laughs)

Taking in some soft deep breaths...she then slowly opened her eyes. Only to an overwhelming sight that led to a slight dismay, for she was seeing the most "beautiful" man she ever saw. Sleeping or pretending to be but one thing was and is certain, he looks ethereal.

Not only does she need to get used to waking up with a man in bed with her but also, she should get used to seeing such beauty every time she wakes up.

Then she panicked again... She knows how she looks like in the morning...and it's not even close to this angel-like creature she's seeing.

So, slowly she turned away not realizing that his other hand was still around her waist. She was that panicky to notice... So when she tried to slowly get up to fix herself in the bathroom...a strong hand held her tightly...and in no time, she was pulled...claimed back to his arms...and she was beyond shock.

"He's already awake after all and might have seen me already," she thought with eyes tightly shut.

With her back on him...she can feel his breathing just behind her alarmingly warm yet sending shivers all over her. Then it got really cold when it was proven how awake he really was and not just mere acting out of "superficial" reflexes (if he was still asleep that is) when...onto her ear, lips brushing softly, he softly whispered, "Where do you thing you're going angel?" Sounding like part serious, part teasing.

And she got more dumbfounded. She tried to speak but to no avail...she can't utter a word nor can she make a all. Even though she already thought of good alibis that continued piling up in mind as seconds passed.

She knew he was waiting for an answer...and when she thought he'd be impatient on her and perhaps torment her with another teasing question...she heard him chuckle softly. Then...planted a kiss on her cheek as he said, almost whispering again, "A very good morning to you, beautiful."

There goes the mind reading...laughs.
She felt like he was assuring her that she looks just fine by telling her "beautiful."

***we cant blame's a girl thing. Girls, no matter how they try to show that they don' care, but matter-of-fact, they, we do care care a lot how we look...especially in from of our man.

With that boost, she turned to face him...and then met his gaze...then stroked his face as she responded, "A very good morning to you too, pretty one."

to be continued...

A Date To Remember: The Mishap, The Laughter, The Walk, The Song, The Warmth, The First Kiss...

They could’ve stayed in such embrace if only they didn’t hear a car horn. It was from the same cab, with the driver smiling widely as he waved them good-bye.

The taxi was already out of sight when she realized that she wasn’t able to pay…”Oh gosh!” she blurted.

He got worried for her face was filled with worries…”What’s wrong?” he asked as he quickly yet carefully took her face with his hands. He got more worried because she was not just worried, she was scared and he swore he’d do anything to bring back her smile for he was starting to think all kinds of worst things he knew.

Feeling his warm hands…seeing him worried because of her…realizing what her sudden reactions caused…she hastily said, “Oh no…gosh, I’m sorry...” she lowered her face, then shyly continued, “…just that I forgot to pay the cab.” And he just laughed like he never laughed before…then took her back in his arms as they laughed together. And like that, everything was forgotten…and continued feeling the contentment in their embrace.

And who said time doesn't stop when they just experienced time stood still for them?
How he wanted to stay where they are. How he wanted to just keep holding her.
How she wanted time to just stop. How she wanted to stay in his arms forever.

Holding her was the most peaceful moment he ever felt and at the same time he was able to think clearly. And with the ideas that now lurk in mind, reluctantly, he loosened his embrace. Feeling it, she did the same. No words needed, they just looked into each other’s eyes. With her giving him a shy yet comforting look, he felt at ease inside but he was acting the opposite as he said, stuttering “ ahmmm….wait here…” he ran back to the house, taking her luggage with him, leaving her very clueless.

It didn’t take him more than a minute to get back to her. This time, she could see everything she needed to see…his a-little-messy hair, what he was wearing, what a tall man he really is, et cetera…because a while ago, all she saw was his face.

She looked at him intently as he stretched a hand to her which she took so eagerly. And so they started walking towards the beach peacefully, contently, happily...hand in hand...leaving footprints in the sand...looking at each other words was needed. They continued to walk. As they were closing to what looked like a pub slash diner, pointing at it, he said, "...that's where I often of my favorites." 

And she smiled at him enthusiastically...she's still very overwhelmed to talk but she managed to say, "Looks cool...I bet it'll be my favorite as well."

At the entrance, they were happily greeted by the owner who obviously knows him well and he introduce her to him. The owner, greeted her more welcoming that he really should and offered them the best table. And without even ordering yet, the food arrived..shocking her. With a wide smile, he said, "...geez, Did I say I'm a regular? They know my order...what do you want?"

She was really fascinated not only by them knowing what food he wants but also, most especially, how she saw the fun in his eyes..somewhat child-like and a treat to watch.

"I'm having what you're having..." she undoubtedly replied. And they talked throughout the entire meal...just about anything...both still can't believe what's happening.


They were almost done with their meals when the stage was lighted as the owner went up and said, "Good evening ladies and gents...hope everyone is having a great time...well luckily, for a greater time, one of our local musicians is in the house tonight..." and the crowd whistled and clapped approvingly.

She was expecting someone from backstage to come it was a real shocker when he slowly got up, gave her a wink and walked towards the stage. She didn't notice it earlier but now she's felt quite awkward seeing eyes on her. But then again, all else faded as he heard him speak, "This song is, well, for all you but most especially for a very special lady..." and he looked at her and started singing. And indeed, she felt like the most special lady in the world.


still in progress...wink

A Date To Remember: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

He was home early on a weekday...he wasn't tired, at fact, he was still very energetic... but something in him really wanted to go home, and he did. It's the first time he wanted to go home early...he just felt that he needed to...not knowing that "fate" prepared a treat for him...for "them"...

Days ago...

She can't sleep...she can't eat well...can't even think well...her daily routine had changed...people were noticing the changes, except her. All she can think of was and is to be with him.
Without any hesitations...against all odds...she booked the much awaited trip to... perhaps...happily ever after.

First Encounter: His

He was still deciding whether to dine out or just eat fruits for dinner...all the while, he was in an "uneasy" state and he had no idea. But he just ignored it. He decided to go down to the kitchen to check what else he can have for dinner...when by the time he was on his last step on d stairs...the bell rang.

That made him nervous...because he wasn't expecting anyone or anything.

Wondering, he opened the door as slowly as he could...peeping through the small opening...the wondering got even worse...because standing on his doorstep was a huge old man...seeing a taxi and the taxi's logo on the man's shirt, he figured it's a taxi driver.

"Hello Sir, I am Mr. Z, I'm sorry to have bothered you...but a lady is looking for someone..." the man said as he passed him a small paper with his name on it, "Do you know that person and where he lives?"
He was clueless and at the same time alarmed...he thought, " A lady? Mmm...if it's a lady then maybe no need to be cautious..." And just like that, he identified himself to the man.

And he saw relief on his face...but before he could ask who's looking for him...the driver quickly ran to the parked cab and talked through the window...and hurriedly opened the door for the passenger. He focused on the "lady" that's about to get out...and his heart was beating frantically.

The sun was setting...the wind was softly blowing...the waves ware roaring but in a way, calming...and everything was like in slow motion. He saw "the lady" slowly stepped out...he can't really see her well because the driver was on the way and also, the lady is somehow small, wearing a flowing long dress. And when he couldn't take any more suspense...perfectly in time...the man stood aside...and time stood still...his heart stopped beating, he stopped breathing, he stopped thinking, his knees weakened...all was in black and white except her...all he can see was her as she slowly walked towards him...and slowly, he started walking to meet her, for the first time...

First Encounter: Her's

She saw him despite the small opening of the door. She saw him so clearly that, being so "nervously excited" for days, she thought she could be having heart attack anytime. She wanted to jump out of the car and run to him...but all of a sudden she can't move...even a wink was impossible. So she stopped looking at him and just waited for the taxi driver.

She didn't need confirmation...she knew she's in the right place...she just sort of needed someone to bring her back to reality...because it felt like she's still dreaming. So when the driver was coming back with a wide grin, she knew better. And as the driver was talking through the window, all the while, she couldn't hear anything but her heart beating so fast. She waited no more than a minute...quickly opened the door...went out as fast as she could...couldn't even stand straight, she felt that she's going to faint...and before that happened...she walked towards him but very slowly... As she saw him went out with a very surprised face, also walking to meet her...she ran to his arms.

She was held tight...and she never felt safest...never felt most content...never felt more alive...never felt happiest...till she was in his arms.