Monday, July 16, 2012

A Date To Remember: The Mishap, The Laughter, The Walk, The Song, The Warmth, The First Kiss...

They could’ve stayed in such embrace if only they didn’t hear a car horn. It was from the same cab, with the driver smiling widely as he waved them good-bye.

The taxi was already out of sight when she realized that she wasn’t able to pay…”Oh gosh!” she blurted.

He got worried for her face was filled with worries…”What’s wrong?” he asked as he quickly yet carefully took her face with his hands. He got more worried because she was not just worried, she was scared and he swore he’d do anything to bring back her smile for he was starting to think all kinds of worst things he knew.

Feeling his warm hands…seeing him worried because of her…realizing what her sudden reactions caused…she hastily said, “Oh no…gosh, I’m sorry...” she lowered her face, then shyly continued, “…just that I forgot to pay the cab.” And he just laughed like he never laughed before…then took her back in his arms as they laughed together. And like that, everything was forgotten…and continued feeling the contentment in their embrace.

And who said time doesn't stop when they just experienced time stood still for them?
How he wanted to stay where they are. How he wanted to just keep holding her.
How she wanted time to just stop. How she wanted to stay in his arms forever.

Holding her was the most peaceful moment he ever felt and at the same time he was able to think clearly. And with the ideas that now lurk in mind, reluctantly, he loosened his embrace. Feeling it, she did the same. No words needed, they just looked into each other’s eyes. With her giving him a shy yet comforting look, he felt at ease inside but he was acting the opposite as he said, stuttering “ ahmmm….wait here…” he ran back to the house, taking her luggage with him, leaving her very clueless.

It didn’t take him more than a minute to get back to her. This time, she could see everything she needed to see…his a-little-messy hair, what he was wearing, what a tall man he really is, et cetera…because a while ago, all she saw was his face.

She looked at him intently as he stretched a hand to her which she took so eagerly. And so they started walking towards the beach peacefully, contently, happily...hand in hand...leaving footprints in the sand...looking at each other words was needed. They continued to walk. As they were closing to what looked like a pub slash diner, pointing at it, he said, "...that's where I often of my favorites." 

And she smiled at him enthusiastically...she's still very overwhelmed to talk but she managed to say, "Looks cool...I bet it'll be my favorite as well."

At the entrance, they were happily greeted by the owner who obviously knows him well and he introduce her to him. The owner, greeted her more welcoming that he really should and offered them the best table. And without even ordering yet, the food arrived..shocking her. With a wide smile, he said, "...geez, Did I say I'm a regular? They know my order...what do you want?"

She was really fascinated not only by them knowing what food he wants but also, most especially, how she saw the fun in his eyes..somewhat child-like and a treat to watch.

"I'm having what you're having..." she undoubtedly replied. And they talked throughout the entire meal...just about anything...both still can't believe what's happening.


They were almost done with their meals when the stage was lighted as the owner went up and said, "Good evening ladies and gents...hope everyone is having a great time...well luckily, for a greater time, one of our local musicians is in the house tonight..." and the crowd whistled and clapped approvingly.

She was expecting someone from backstage to come it was a real shocker when he slowly got up, gave her a wink and walked towards the stage. She didn't notice it earlier but now she's felt quite awkward seeing eyes on her. But then again, all else faded as he heard him speak, "This song is, well, for all you but most especially for a very special lady..." and he looked at her and started singing. And indeed, she felt like the most special lady in the world.


still in progress...wink

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