Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Date To Remember: The Sweetest Morning Kiss

For a very short time, they got accustomed to such closeness, to such togetherness…like they have been doing it for years. So, as the sun rose, it was sort of harsh reality that it had to end…for a while. They were hesitant to let go of one another, but knowing how a “gentleman” he is, she knew that she has to let go first. With a deep sigh, she did. He heard her of course, but he teased no more as he was having same feelings.

Even though she yearned more of that “closeness”, it was still very new to her. So, upon pulling herself away from him, she quickly jumped out of bed, put her robe on and skipped like a child to the open window. The smell of Morning Ocean greeted her, she liked it that much that it made her close her eyes to fully savor everything: scent, sound, breeze.

All through-out her “child-like” behavior, he watched her carefully…followed her every move. And since they’re… surprisingly and unbelievably connected… she felt his watchful eyes. Slowly and a bit nervous yet giggly, she glanced over her shoulder… and there goes the staring part of romance.

Since she never won in staring games, she started walking to him as slowly as she could. Through their eyes, they teased one another again. She had to control herself from jumping on him and be close again because she knew that he was expecting it. So, she stopped the moment her knees bumped to the sides of the bed…with hands on both sides of her waist, smiling oh so teasingly. He raised a brow with sheepish smile, like questioning at the same time challenging her to move further...and so she gave same smile. But she didn’t wait for him to react, she hurriedly said, “I believe you have an important morning routine. Are you not late for it, sir?”

He gave a boyish smile as he responded, “Indeed I have my lady. But a delightful being got me really occupied that I could not think of anything else. And I don’t intend to miss anything she does.”

As always, smooth with his words but she had herself prepared and said, “Very well then, that delightful being should stop doing anything then, so that you, sir, can go on…your duties awaits.”

Laughing out loud first then turned serious as he quickly rose from bed just to dwarf her with his towering height despite of her being on her toes now. He looked down on her, eyes to eyes, held her face with both hands, and said, "Silly you, I rather miss some duties you said I have than miss this..." and he bent  down to kiss her.

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