Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Date To Remember: In Your Arms

She expected him to raise an eyebrow for her rather quirky yet teasing response, but he didn’t. Instead, he burst into a roaring laughter…and he laughed till his tummy ached.

She was actually hoping that he would react such a way…so it was such a relief for her that he did. Well, she’s lucky indeed to have a man who is somehow at ease and adept to teasing…and who is in fact very smart to read between lines…she thought.

“Pretty one?” he repeated the words and continued to laugh even harder…as if he still can’t believe what he just heard.

At first, she was laughing faintly with him but upon repeating her words…she felt really annoyed. This time, she felt that he is now laughter at her. Her silence made him realized.

She looked hurt. He was tempted to laugh more because she looked so silly as she tried to show him that she’s annoyed…but he knew better. So, he pulled her closer to him… as close as they could possibly be… burying her face to his chest, to his heart as he softly kissed/smelled her hair/top of her head. And as he felt her move even closer to him, he said, “Silly you, why call me pretty one when I thought between us, the pretty one is you?”

Of course, she has no response to that except to accept defeat by embracing him tighter. Besides, she just attempted to counteract the “beautiful” in his morning greeting…thinking that he was probably teasing how she really looked like.

With that, they stayed in each other’s arm for what seem like eternity until the rising of the sun brought them back to reality.

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