Monday, July 16, 2012

A Date To Remember: The Awakening

She said, "Stay.."

And so willingly, he did.

And they drifted to the realms of endless possibilities, peacefully...with her head on his arm and another arm wrapped around her claiming her.

Early morn...

She was awakened with some movements...felt something was moving...then it hit her, "someone" was moving. That special someone for whom she flew miles for.

It's her first time to be waking up with someone in bed beside her...well after she was done sleeping/sharing room with her sisters...but this is not just's a's something she needs getting used to, for sure...but at that moment, her mind was in chaos, battling over thoughts and say, contingency plans? (laughs)

Taking in some soft deep breaths...she then slowly opened her eyes. Only to an overwhelming sight that led to a slight dismay, for she was seeing the most "beautiful" man she ever saw. Sleeping or pretending to be but one thing was and is certain, he looks ethereal.

Not only does she need to get used to waking up with a man in bed with her but also, she should get used to seeing such beauty every time she wakes up.

Then she panicked again... She knows how she looks like in the morning...and it's not even close to this angel-like creature she's seeing.

So, slowly she turned away not realizing that his other hand was still around her waist. She was that panicky to notice... So when she tried to slowly get up to fix herself in the bathroom...a strong hand held her tightly...and in no time, she was pulled...claimed back to his arms...and she was beyond shock.

"He's already awake after all and might have seen me already," she thought with eyes tightly shut.

With her back on him...she can feel his breathing just behind her alarmingly warm yet sending shivers all over her. Then it got really cold when it was proven how awake he really was and not just mere acting out of "superficial" reflexes (if he was still asleep that is) when...onto her ear, lips brushing softly, he softly whispered, "Where do you thing you're going angel?" Sounding like part serious, part teasing.

And she got more dumbfounded. She tried to speak but to no avail...she can't utter a word nor can she make a all. Even though she already thought of good alibis that continued piling up in mind as seconds passed.

She knew he was waiting for an answer...and when she thought he'd be impatient on her and perhaps torment her with another teasing question...she heard him chuckle softly. Then...planted a kiss on her cheek as he said, almost whispering again, "A very good morning to you, beautiful."

There goes the mind reading...laughs.
She felt like he was assuring her that she looks just fine by telling her "beautiful."

***we cant blame's a girl thing. Girls, no matter how they try to show that they don' care, but matter-of-fact, they, we do care care a lot how we look...especially in from of our man.

With that boost, she turned to face him...and then met his gaze...then stroked his face as she responded, "A very good morning to you too, pretty one."

to be continued...

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