Monday, July 16, 2012

A Date To Remember: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

He was home early on a weekday...he wasn't tired, at fact, he was still very energetic... but something in him really wanted to go home, and he did. It's the first time he wanted to go home early...he just felt that he needed to...not knowing that "fate" prepared a treat for him...for "them"...

Days ago...

She can't sleep...she can't eat well...can't even think well...her daily routine had changed...people were noticing the changes, except her. All she can think of was and is to be with him.
Without any hesitations...against all odds...she booked the much awaited trip to... perhaps...happily ever after.

First Encounter: His

He was still deciding whether to dine out or just eat fruits for dinner...all the while, he was in an "uneasy" state and he had no idea. But he just ignored it. He decided to go down to the kitchen to check what else he can have for dinner...when by the time he was on his last step on d stairs...the bell rang.

That made him nervous...because he wasn't expecting anyone or anything.

Wondering, he opened the door as slowly as he could...peeping through the small opening...the wondering got even worse...because standing on his doorstep was a huge old man...seeing a taxi and the taxi's logo on the man's shirt, he figured it's a taxi driver.

"Hello Sir, I am Mr. Z, I'm sorry to have bothered you...but a lady is looking for someone..." the man said as he passed him a small paper with his name on it, "Do you know that person and where he lives?"
He was clueless and at the same time alarmed...he thought, " A lady? Mmm...if it's a lady then maybe no need to be cautious..." And just like that, he identified himself to the man.

And he saw relief on his face...but before he could ask who's looking for him...the driver quickly ran to the parked cab and talked through the window...and hurriedly opened the door for the passenger. He focused on the "lady" that's about to get out...and his heart was beating frantically.

The sun was setting...the wind was softly blowing...the waves ware roaring but in a way, calming...and everything was like in slow motion. He saw "the lady" slowly stepped out...he can't really see her well because the driver was on the way and also, the lady is somehow small, wearing a flowing long dress. And when he couldn't take any more suspense...perfectly in time...the man stood aside...and time stood still...his heart stopped beating, he stopped breathing, he stopped thinking, his knees weakened...all was in black and white except her...all he can see was her as she slowly walked towards him...and slowly, he started walking to meet her, for the first time...

First Encounter: Her's

She saw him despite the small opening of the door. She saw him so clearly that, being so "nervously excited" for days, she thought she could be having heart attack anytime. She wanted to jump out of the car and run to him...but all of a sudden she can't move...even a wink was impossible. So she stopped looking at him and just waited for the taxi driver.

She didn't need confirmation...she knew she's in the right place...she just sort of needed someone to bring her back to reality...because it felt like she's still dreaming. So when the driver was coming back with a wide grin, she knew better. And as the driver was talking through the window, all the while, she couldn't hear anything but her heart beating so fast. She waited no more than a minute...quickly opened the door...went out as fast as she could...couldn't even stand straight, she felt that she's going to faint...and before that happened...she walked towards him but very slowly... As she saw him went out with a very surprised face, also walking to meet her...she ran to his arms.

She was held tight...and she never felt safest...never felt most content...never felt more alive...never felt happiest...till she was in his arms.

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